Because I love art and craft

Hence this separate Craft blog!

I had been posting all my art and craft creations on my main blog, where I do ramble about anything and everything. But, somehow, I feel that not everybody reading my blog, would like a mish-mash of everyday posts and some sudden barrages of crafting posts. Personally, I wouldn’t like to have to search for crafting posts on a blog which has a myriad of other topics being talked about. And how would I even know that  a blog contains art and craft posts if they’re all lost in between other stuff?

Um, I have this habit of explaining myself…to myself. So kindly do not leave already. I’m done persuading myself.

So, from now on, this is my craft blog! Kindly give me a moment as I go and jump all around my room in joy *does as mentioned*

Now, I have quite a few art and craft posts up on my main blog, and there really isn’t any way of getting them here without losing all those precious comments and ‘Likes’. So…they’re staying there; no choice really. But if you’d like to view those posts, here’s a list of links :

Diary Revamp

Bangle Box Revamp

First Quilled Card

Wedding Congratulations Card

Big Birthday Card

Tri-Shutter Card

Endless Card

And now, here’s to many more crafty projects and many more cards!




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