Mod Podged Letter Rack

Mod Podge is really one of my favourite things. And the reason for that is that it protects my craft projects much better than anything else.

Because I live in India, finding Mod Podge here is quite difficult. The one jar that I’m using very slowly (because it’s so precious), was brought for me from the U.S. by a cousin. So it’s not like I’m an expert at it. For that, you should go to Amy, here. But, after having used it quite a few times, I can definitely tell you a few Do’s and Don’t’s.

I got this plain ol’ letter rack from Staples. 

Though it’s quite useful as it is, I can hear all my crafty friends’ brains whirring away as to how this could be decorated. 😀

And so, I did decorate it!

This was one of my first projects with Mod Podge, so its very simple. Go easy on me, okay?

So, this is all that you need :

Mod Podge, scissors, paint brush, patterned tissue paper

That bottle with the green sticker, is a Mod Podge (MP) substitute I found at Staples. However, it’s a little too runny for decoupaging and all.

I used some pretty tissue paper to cover my letter rack with. Tissue paper is one of Mod Podge’s best friends. Sometimes people like to use only a single ply from the tissue, that is the top most ply with the design on it. I, however, used the whole tissue as liked that thickness better.

So, now, a tutorial! (I love making tutorials. Hee.)

1. First, I took out the dividing planks which form the 2 sections in the rack, and covered them. Just cut up your tissue paper into a piece which folds over both the sides of one plank.

2. Use your paint brush to spread the MP all over one side of the plank. Keep your tissue ready.

3. Once you put the tissue paper on the sticky surface, get ready with some more MP and brush that on gently on top of your tissue. Creases are inevitable with tissue, but I love those creases as it adds this beautiful texture. Just use enough MP to stick the tissue down properly.

4. After both the planks, do the main frame slowly, in parts. Roughly measure and cut out a panel of tissue which will cover a certain section. Then slowly mod podge it up.

TIP : Don’t try to use a whole sheet of tissue and hope to keep sticking it on without cutting out sections. MP is sticky, and tissue sticks easily, along with being very delicate. So, if it flies off and sticks somewhere awkwardly, you’ll have to tear it up. This may disturb the tissue’s design.


5. For the curved and rounded sides, just use the MP to wrap and stick the extra tissue securely onto the other side, whichever it may be.


6. I left the inner sides naked, because if I add a layer of tissue and MP to it, there might be a problem fitting the already mod podged planks inside.


You’re done! TA DAA!!



I liked the bead of original wood running along the bottom, so I didn’t cover that. It offers a nice contrast!

I might have decorated this further, but my dad was very happy with this end result and immediately started using this to store his towering stack of letters. And so it remains.

I do hope this cleared some tiny doubts about Mod Podge. Keep crafting!!






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