My First Blog Candy Win!

The awesome candy I won at BGC 13 reached! Remember how excited I was about it? Thank you Tejal di (from Creative Expressions), for the beautiful stamps!

One big set (from Stampin’ Up!), two mini sets (from Inkadinkado) and a beautiful little card from Tejal di!

A butterfly card for The Artful Butterfly! Thank you πŸ™‚

So now, being an amateur at stamping, I need to go out shopping for the rest of the supplies I need to start using these beautiful things. Don’t you just love shopping for craft supplies? *happy sigh*


8 thoughts on “My First Blog Candy Win!

  1. What a fab prize! I love stamping. Enjoy your shopping (I think I love craft shopping almost as much as crafting!)

  2. The butterfly card from a butterfly lover to another butterfly girl!! I didn’t know that you are butterfly crazy girl too! (that card was a gift set from a friend, I can’t take credit for it) Hope you have fun…and shopping is addictive…ask me how I know!!:)

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