Revamped Containers

As it turns out, I love revamps. Yep…absolutely, truly, deeply, madly in love with making supposedly ugly/unimpressive objects look slightly better.

So here’s what I started off with…

And here’s what they became!

My favouritest part was doing the paint splatters!

The other one isn’t as striking, but I like the final effect in this one too.

The purple one started off as the sophisticated, floral one.But after I went a little mad with the paint splattering, and made the other one really colourful, I realised that the purple one lacked a bit of…spunk.

And then I knew…there’s nothing a bit o’ glitter can’t mend!

Mod Podge was my best friend here…not just for making these hand-painted, delicate (according to my mum, of course) pieces of art slightly more tough towards the elements, but also for that glittery touch. If you don’t have Sparkle Mod Podge (like me), just add a bit of glitter to a batch of MP, and paint it on! It looks sehr gut!

I love revamps *happy sigh*


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