Handmade Tissue Paper Flower Embellishments

I was in a bit of a fix recently when I needed 3D embellishments for a card. As I usually don’t buy too many embellishments (except sequins, glitter and mirrors) I had to come up with these tissue paper flowers.

They turned out quite okay, don’t you think?These flowers were a result of a whole hit-and-trial method. But they’re quite easy to make, especially if you have a small, simple flower punch.

I punched out some flower bases from usual white printer paper. And then I also punched out the same shape from a few layers of white tissue paper (taken from a toilet paper roll, which works the best!).

Then, put a tiny drop of glue in the centre of one base.

Put the tissue paper cut-out on the base, and put another drop of glue on the top of the tissue.

Using my embossing tool (and a great deal of patience), I pressed the glue into the tissue to make it soak through and stick all the layers together. As the embossing tool has a metal head, it doesn’t stick too much. Don’t try using your fingers for this. Seriously. Don’t.

Next, using my tweezers, I scrunched up the tissue paper layers to fluff the whole flower into shape. Keep scrunching till it starts looking like a flower of some sort.

Even though white flowers look fabulous by themselves, I wanted red flowers. So I put my very wet Faber Castell ink pads to good use for this. I placed the flowers tissue-side down onto the ink pad and pressed down.

Again, using the very-useful tweezers, picked up the flowers which were now a wonderful shade of red, not to mention that the ink had softened the edges, making it look more delicate, like a flower! Yay!And then, I used them for my card!


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