Customized Cellphone Cover

I know there isn’t a dearth of these customized phone covers, what with fabric/paper/embellishment covered iPhone covers ruling the roost. But it made me wonder whether people who did not have an iPhone either didn’t like customized covers, or just didn’t blog about it. The former reason seems kinda dumb…I mean, who wouldn’t like a customized phone cover? So, I decided to take up my old Nokia phone cover (which has pretty much gone through hell since I bought it) and customize it and hence make at least one post about a customized phone cover which is not for an iPhone. Heh.

So here’s the cover I’d bought last year after falling in love with the awesome effect the lattice holes created with my Nokia’s silver metal back. However, that very feature which made it so lovable, resulted in a very short life for it…the holes created the perfect points at which the cover could start breaking up.

1Did I mention it’s been through hell?2So, the best way (read : only way) I could try and salvage this cover and reuse it, was by covering it up and hence strengthening it. Therefore, customized cover it is!

I gave up my hoarding tendencies for a while and used a gorgeous PP I’d recently bought to cover the cover with. I cut it up (while my heart cried with anguish) so that it was at least 2-3 cms. larger than the length and width of the cover.3Then, I used one of my favourite adhesives – Fevibond – which is a rubber based adhesive and extremely strong. So, I knew that with it, there was no chance of my precious PP severing ties with the phone cover ever. I spread out a decent amount of Fevibond on the PP and proceeded to smooth it out over the cover. Tough job, this! No wonder people prefer using fabric in such cases; much more malleable.4In the end however, I got a nice enough flattened sausage kind of shape. 5Cutting out the camera window was a fun activity. Cutters make life so easy!
6It was quite oddly satisfying popping the window out of the main paper.7Then, to add some amount of polish and finish to the cover, I covered it in Mod Podge. And then, because I thought it looked too plain, I stuck some silver sequins on. It made quite a difference y’know?IMG_2401And so…ta-da!!
IMG-20121227-00069Not bad I think. Not bad at all.


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