Trial Paper Rose

This isn’t a pretty post. It’s a post basically to ask for suggestions.

I’ve been seeing a lot of crafty projects with handmade paper flowers all around. You know how much I love handmade embellishments, right? So, even though I have exams in a few days (literally) I just couldn’t resist trying my hand at making one paper rose to see whether the tutorial works or not.

I used scrap paper (photostats I no longer need. Don’t worry, its from last sem’s notes. I swear I’m not hacking up my current notes for craft). It’s really not pretty, but I just want to know whether the construction of the flower looks fine enough. I tweaked the tutorial a little to suit myself, and now I don’t know whether I’m just being too critical or something.

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Tell me what you think! Just imagine it in some pretty colour, with some highlights and shading.


18 thoughts on “Trial Paper Rose

      1. Haha, kuchh bhi =P

        I don’t like threaded comments; I’m very annoyed at Disqus for forcing them upon me on my blog.

      2. Arre you *did* sound all offended! And I guess I have this guilty concience or something regarding this blog, because I hardly post here. Oh well.

        I actually like these threaded comments! Thankfully, in this theme the comment boxes don’t keep getting too ridiculously small. I don’t remember about Disqus though.

  1. I loved the flower…use the same papers and just distress the edges, will give a beautiful result….what I fell down laughing was the chat in the comments…especially Dumbledore’s few words!! you’re a harry potter fan I presume!! Awesome possum!!

    1. Thanks a lot Tejal di! Your advice means a lot to me. I haven’t entered the distressing world yet, but I guess I should now.
      Yep…I’m a complete Potterhead! You too?! Then butterflies don’t remain the only thing in common between us 😀

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