Happy Mothers Day!

I am so relieved that my exams ended before Mothers Day, because it was the perfect reason to get back to crafting! And so I made two cards – one, of course, for my Mom, and another one for my aunt, so that she doesn’t miss my cousin (at least not much) who’s not here right now.1

The interesting shape of the cards was a sudden idea, which didn’t seem very difficult, but was a bit of a nightmare to hand-cut without any stencil or anything. More measurements to be done next time.

This is the one I gave to my Mom…

These adorable bows are a part of the wonderful candy I received from Sunehra di (more details on that later, along with details about another giveaway I won at Color Conceptions 😀 )! And because I felt like it, I put these tiny, shiny bindis on the tips of the inner piece of CS. A bit o’ bling ^_^3

I don’t have a sentiment stamp for Mothers Day (or any sentiment stamps actually, other than one I got from a candy over at BGC), so the sentiment is hand written. So not perfect, no. 4

This is the card that went to my aunt…5

6The bows are lemon yellow and white, though the pics don’t exactly show it.

Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there! 🙂


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