DIY Photoframes

Before I begin with the photoframes, I just wanted to share a thought with you; I don’t know why, but I just cannot move away from a CAS style. Whatever I make, follows a Clean And Simple pattern, and if I try going in for more embellishments or pieces to add, I always feel like it’s getting crowded and the object is losing it’s charm. How do I make myself try new styles? *sigh*

Oh well, without further ado, here are the photoframes mentioned in the post title (once again made from old desk calendars).


I made good use of the embellishments I got from Sunehra di as the winner of her wonderful giveaway. Except for the pearls, these frames are pretty much Itsy Bitsy products!



I used a flower each from a pack of Antique Fusion (Passion) set and Camden Cottage (Soft Touch). The glitter strips were mixed from the Plum and Soft Touch packs. The beautiful pattern on the frames was made using a stencil from, of course, Itsy Bitsy.

Also, once again I made the photo sleeves with transparencies and foam tape. So, the picture is protected, and can be changed as per the receiver’s wishes (the receivers were my two best friends from college).

Some more pictures! (Because I really fell in love with these two)






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