Birthday, Banners and Pennants!

Another birthday card! This time, I tried out a design that I’ve been really eager to incorporate in a card since a long long time – banners with pennants.


The pennants are all hand-cut out of punch paper of three shades – hot pink, baby pink and dull white. The hot pink pennants are just plain, while the baby pink ones have polka dots of fine pink glitter. The white pennants have different hand-drawn glittery red designs on them. I had such fun doing all that designing and decoration!!

The pennants are hanging on what I call ‘rainbow string’ because it has pastel shades of all the rainbow colours ❤


The sentiment is written by hand with silver ink, covered with silver glitter ink (nobody can keep me away from glitter). It’s really quite shiny! And then I outlined the letters with a dark red pen to make them pop out.


It was one of those cards which you fall so deeply in love with, that you don’t feel like parting with it! Oh well. I did give it. Graciously. And my friend whose birthday it was…loved it! Yay! That’s all that really matters, right?

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8 thoughts on “Birthday, Banners and Pennants!

  1. It’s a pretty card Sanchari!…Love how you have made the banners and your hand-written sentiment looks fabulous!

    Thank you so much for playing along ‘Crafter’s Corner’ # 11 and Best of luck!

  2. Very cute card.I love the colours you used and those pennants looks adorable.Thanks for playing along with us at Crafters corner challenge #11.Wish you all the best!

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