Napkin Fold Card

I’ve been missing for a long time! But but but dissertation finally over (yay) so I’m going to share a card I made quite a while ago…a napkin fold card.

IMG_2849IMG_2850IMG_2844IMG_2845IMG_2846Sometimes, I put in such small details (which don’t show much at all) and then feel like an idiot for working so hard on something which isn’t even exactly visible. This time, it was the hot pink glittery borders on the light pink paper pieces.IMG_2847IMG_2852The white designs (and the ones on the inside of the card) were made with the help of a gorgeous stencil I got from Sunehra di as the winner of her candy.


2 thoughts on “Napkin Fold Card

  1. Sanchari, this card is gorgeous! Did you get a new camera? The shots are great! I am yearning to have some free time so I can get crafty. This blog post will serve as inspiration! šŸ™‚

    1. Thank you Bella! It’s the same camera, but I’m just trying to brush up on my photographing skills. So glad you can see the difference!
      And hope you make some awesome stuff! šŸ™‚

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