Pop-Art and Prints

If you’ve been following me since the beginning, you might know that I have a particular affinity towards doing revamps (examples herehere and here). I recently did two more such projects – a sunglass case and a small aluminium trunk.


Revamped Tribal Print Sunglass Case

This is what it was…


…and this is what I made of it…


I love Aztec/tribal prints, and I knew I wanted something like that. This particular print is my current favourite. I used acrylic paint, acrylic paint markers and a white ink pen.

(Sidenote : Is it cultural appropriation if a certain type of design is called ‘tribal’? Just something that struck me)


Pop-artsy Painted Metal Trunk

I have a childhood fascination with metal trunks. I remember having a small trunk (which had been my mother’s) and I also remember being elated by the fact that it was like a mini-suitcase of my own (childhood is a simple, happy time).

So when I was staying with my friend for a week, and I found a store selling metal trunks, I instinctively began waxing eloquent about my love for these boxes. My friend, after getting over her amusement, confirmed with me whether I was serious, and then promised to get me a trunk as a birthday gift (thanks Barsha!).

And because I love painting stuff, I obviously had to paint this too. I started with…


…and made it into…


There was a lot of measuring involved, with grids et al. I really don’t like the measuring part, but I absolutely love geometric designs. It’s a dilemma I live with everyday.

Oh well.

Happy Crafting!


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